Top 5 Things about Ecommerce Web Development No Business Should Miss Out

Top 5 Things about Ecommerce Web Development No Business Should Miss Out

eCommerce website development is a complicated affair, especially when you are a newbie and starting from the scratch. There are many aspects of eCommerce store development that you should know beforehand. Be it about store layout, usability or payment integration, everything requires a technical know-how and creativity that can make your online venture stand out.

To avoid pits and falls during the development phase, you need to have a grasp on the basics of online store development. Literally, it helps in a smooth journey to build a successful eCommerce store. Check out a few important things that will help make your job easier:

1. Keep Your Product Catalogue Ready

The foremost thing to start with is to have your product catalog ready in a spreadsheet. This is the most time-consuming task of the eCommerce development as sometimes the number of products to be uploaded reach in thousands. Make sure that you have all the necessary details ready such as product name, description, weight, colors, material and other important attributes.Emphasize on a clear and meaningful navigation that makes it easy for customers to access your product on the store.

2. Use Pixel Perfect Product Photography

Next important aspect is product photography that should be visually appealing enough to grab customers’ attention. Having pixel-perfect product images makes a sense because these images will become your selling point. Upload your product images from different angles and displaytheir practical use to let people understand the product use in the real life.

3. Determine Your Shipping + Delivery Strategy

Deciding the shipping and delivery could be a tricky thing and have adirect impact on your product sales. Depending on your distribution model, you can pick the shipping type that is cost-effective and best suits to your online venture. Keep it simple and put disclaimers wherever there is an added cost on the product delivery.

4. Get Equipped With Payment Processing

If your website has partnered with all major banks and payment processing gateways, it will help facilitate conversions. It’s a big turn off when you lose a customer during the checkout process just because your website doesn’t have a certain bank listed that the customer is associated with. It is necessary that your website must have a merchant account and fulfill all requirements for setting up an online merchant account. Make sure you have checkout buttons and provision of receiving online transactions.

5. Make Your Store Ready for Marketing

Launching an eCommerce is a great thing but if that platform is not SEO friendly, it is good for nothing. The existence of your online store will vanish soon because no one will visit there. Traffic doesn’t come to your website but you need regular efforts to generate it. Make sure that you equip your web pages with right Meta tags, Meta titles, descriptions and SEO optimized content to gain an online visibility.


It would be a lot easier to make your journey to eCommercestore development easier by many folds if you take care of the aspects mentioned here. They are compiled for you to make a smooth kick-start of your online store development initiative. Don’t miss out even on a single one to avoid pitfalls lately. Protection Status

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