Top 5 PHP frameworks for 2019

Top 5 PHP frameworks for 2019

PHP has dominated the web development sphere, be it WordPress or Facebook, everyone is using it. Being the most desired server side programming script, more than 65 percent of websites use PHP as the programming language. No doubt, the world of website development runs on PHP. With the emergence of various PHP frameworks, writing and structuring codes have become easier than ever.

Using different frameworks, you can save a lot of time while building complex applications. However, you need to use the right framework to compliment your project development.

Take a closer look at the most sought PHP frameworks to use in 2019:

1. Laravel

Laravel has been awarded the best frameworks many times and it is still at the top considering its impressive ecosystem.It is a comprehensive framework that uses MVC architecture to develop applications in a short span of time. Its online community of developers is developing at a faster pace than ever. It makes code organization a simple thing with tons of features. This is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks, that was introduced in 2011. Lavarel helps developers in building the most robust web applications by simplifying common tasks like caching, security, routing, and authentication..

2. Symfony

Symfony is written in PHP 5 framework and takes the hassle out of routine web programming tasks. It uses MVC and offers multiple databases support. You can say that it is the best PHP framework that helps in thefast development and web management. It consists of PHP libraries and its composer can be used to install any component.

3. CodeIgniter

PHP CodeIgniter is a perfect fit where there is an even a slight possibility of aconflict of different PHP versions. It’s easier to install than other frameworks with minimal user configuration. It works like a charm on almost all platforms. It’s not completely based on MVC. It is secured, easily expandable and delivers a great speed while performing functions.

4. CakePHP

Though CakePHP came into evolution about 10 years ago but it hasn’t lost its charm today as well. It implements MVC pattern and has a growing number of thefan base. Most of its ideas have been cloned from Ruby on Rails but it’s far easier to master over than RoR. It supports PHP4 along with PHP5 that make it stand out among other frameworks in the market. Its recent release of CakePHP 3.x makes it easy for developers to manage a session. You may also create a large number of individual libraries in the recent version. It is equipped with lucrative features such as Protection against cross-site request forgery and input validation that make it fit for use in your projects.

5. Yii Framework

Yii Framework is all about enhancing your productivity, helping you develop applications faster than any other framework in the market. It also uses MVC and is an object-oriented framework. When you need to work onlarge-scale custom projects, it will help you quickly implement them without any flaws. It offers other exciting features such as RESTful API, Query Builder and Multi-level caching support, etc.


After seeing so many PHP frameworks, you might be thinking which one has got all features that greatly suit your project. Well, each PHP framework comes with pros and cons. You can’t have all the features in the one.However, you need to figure out what your project needs and choose the one framework that meets your demands closely. Protection Status

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